Somerville, N.J. – Varna Sales, an international network of sales and distribution specialists, opens for business in New Jersey. 

After 20 years of developing first-class business strategies for some of the marine and RV industries’ biggest companies, Dan Soeters has launched Varna Sales. Most recently a Global Sales Director at Garmin, Soeters has worked in the marine and RV markets from Europe and the Middle East to APAC and the Americas. Varna Sales provides services for U.S. product manufacturers that are looking to globalize as well as international manufacturers that are looking for a talented and specialized technical sales team in the States.

“Throughout my career, time and again I have come across uncertainty from leisure product manufacturers about globalizing and the struggle to find people and organizations that will represent their brands to the same high standards as they would themselves,” said Soeters. “I have had the pleasure of working with some of the most talented, driven and creative people in the far corners of the industry, but I have also had to navigate the many pitfalls and interactions with less qualified parties along the way. My mission is to share that experience and expertise with other businesses that might not be able to commit the time and money to vetting their partners around the world.”

The Varna approach is more personalized and consultative than most out-sourced sales partnerships. The process begins with the team gathering information on a client’s ambitions, strengths and challenges and the team presents a range of ideas specifically targeted to the client’s individual needs. The development of a high-quality, targeted sales strategy with robust performance indicators in place is key to any new growth push. The first phase of working with Varna Sales is a consultation and strategy development process. This will give the sales team clear direction on what needs to be achieved and includes research of the market space, competitors, products and application. Be it a new product launch, fighting off a competitor or taking a brand global, Varna will build the strategy and ensure that all efforts are aligned with the needs of the client. In addition, the Varna team offers post-sales support, using that interaction as an ideal place for new sales to be made. Finally, the Varna team also offers unique solutions for supporting new OEM partners to capitalize on their new product choices, giving big branding advantages to both parties.

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About Varna Sales:

Varna founder and CEO Dan Soeters is a marine and RV industry stalwart. Having 20 years’ experience in sales and channel management in the USA, EMEA, Canada, Australia, Latin America and China – Soeters has developed first class strategies for some of the industry’s biggest brands.