Gosport, Hampshire, United Kingdom – Iris Innovations, leader in affordable on-board camera security and situational awareness systems, announced today its fully-integrated command and control system for boat cameras and alarms, CMAC, with its IrisControl HTML5 interface is now compatible with Raymarine® LightHouse™ Apps.

Following its launch on the Garmin® OneHelm™ platform earlier this year, CMAC has been a hit with boat owners wishing to control their on-board cameras locally and remotely, and record footage for security purposes. CMAC for Garmin is configured by setting up a horizontal split Combo, with the IrisControl App running in the lower portion of the Combo and the high-definition HDMI input from the CMAC box feeding into the top portion. As Raymarine chartplotters do not have an HDMI input, the video from CMAC is encoded and streamed to provide a fully networked solution with a full-screen interface with embedded video.

Compatible with both analogue IP and HD cameras, Iris CMAC combines all the main elements of a full-featured security and control system into a very stylish enclosure, complete with high-end waterproof connectors and wood-effect end caps. The system features digital video recording, alarm management, network and serial data management, and a removable, shock-proof hard drive caddy. The unit’s built-in recorder is fully configurable to maximize storage time, allowing users to adjust resolution, frame rate, motion detection parameters and more. In addition, the system can be connected to a boat’s WiFi router enabling all on-board cameras to be viewed on smart phones, tablets or computers. A stripped-down version of CMAC is available without the recording capability for clients looking for a full-featured control interface and the system is also available without the IrisControl App for clients looking for a rugged on-board digital video recorder.

“Our CMAC system is a robust solution for the control and recording of on-board video,” said Carl Hitchcock, managing director, Iris Innovations. “By integrating the system with Raymarine multi-function displays, we are now able to offer these powerful capabilities to a much larger audience.”

Greatly enhancing CMAC capabilities, the IrisControl App brings operations and capabilities together in a simple, convenient control interface. The app allows users to upload their own deck plans and photos and configure them with icons to represent the position of cameras, alarms and preset ‘hotspots’ which, when selected, send cameras automatically to favorite pre-configured positions at the touch of a button. Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) cameras are controlled primarily via a supersensitive virtual joystick or from a full-screen video window through its USB touch interface. The IrisControl app also has a dedicated control panel to manage the integrated recorder. The app is upgradable allowing easy integration of new features – the company is already working on extended alarm and drone integration, as well as AIS tracking capabilities.

For more information on Iris CMAC, IrisControl and the entire Iris Innovations product line, please visit www.boat-cameras.com.

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About Iris Innovations:
Iris Innovations has specialized in marine camera systems for nearly 20 years. From the IRIS001, the industry’s first dedicated docking camera launched in 2001, to today’s latest innovations, Iris has earned a reputation for pioneering new technology. 

Based in the United Kingdom, in 2013 Iris opened its first United States headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to better meet growing demand in the North American yachting market. Due to expansion, Iris is soon to move to a larger UK headquarters and is also in the process of opening a new division in Florida.