Auckland, New Zealand – Propspeed, leading innovator of underwater foul-release coatings, announced today it has invested in establishing a new business unit and setting up warehouse facilities to further support their United States customers – Propspeed USA.

“Propspeed is a very strong brand recognized globally, with a proven product line spanning back 21 years,” said Marcus Hamilton, vice president of sales and operations – Americas, Propspeed. “To continue building on this proud history and further support our American customers, at a time when simplicity of business and supply chain are key, it was an absolutely necessary strategic decision to establish a U.S. presence. Our focus is simple, to provide segment-leading products, operational excellence, passionate people and superior technical and training support.”

The new facility located in Orlando, Florida will allow Propspeed USA to work closely with industry partners and give them shipping capabilities to reach anywhere in the country with prompt turn-around. Under the direction of Hamilton, the new operational infrastructure and recently launched Propspeed Business Resource Center (BRC) will supercharge Propspeed’s channel to market by offering sales and technical training for boatyard professionals, installers and marine businesses throughout North America. 

“While times may be uncertain, one thing that is certain is Propspeed’s investment in the U.S. market and support for its American customers and end-users alike,” continued Hamilton. “Through the support of distribution partners and customers, Propspeed USA will continue to dominate as the number one foul-release coating in the industry.” 

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About Propspeed
Propspeed develops high-performance products that make marine craft more efficient and economical to run and maintain, with an eye toward doing the least harm to humans and the marine environment. Propspeed manufactures and distributes Propspeed, recognized globally as the leading product for preventing marine growth on underwater metals. Biofouling – the accumulation of marine life on ships’ hulls – increases drag and costs the global shipping industry an estimated $7.5 billion a year in wasted fuel. Based in New Zealand, where sailing excellence is culturally ingrained, Propspeed has become a worldwide phenomenon throughout the marine industry.