Auckland, New Zealand – Propspeed, leading innovator of underwater foul-release coatings, announced today a new sample program for boatyards, dealers and retailers. This program allows marine professionals to receive training on product application techniques, sales methods and an in-depth overview of the many resources offered by the Propspeed Business Resource Center (BRC), as well as free sample product to learn with.

Through the BRC, sales representatives and B2B customers can sign up for two different styles of training – online instructor-led training or in-person training at the customer’s facility. The online booking platform makes it easy to schedule a training session for any business, any day or time that is most convenient, and anywhere in North America. The training programs are designed to build confidence in selling, applying and servicing the Propspeed product line; and are guaranteed to support the integration of Propspeed as a valuable part of business, while at the same time enhancing the customers’ boating experience.

Boatyard professionals that book an in-person Propspeed product application training session from September 20th – November 30th will receive a free Propspeed product sample worth up to $600. Attendees can choose from Prep-n-Paint, 2-7 hour in-depth training session or Lunch-n-Learn, 1-hour training session with a Propspeed professional. In addition, installers, dealers or retailers that book an online Foulfree and Lightspeed training session will receive a free sample of either Foulfree or Lightspeed, valued at up to $80.

“If you are looking to grow your business, increase your revenue per boat hauled, add a premium product line to your service center and offer your customers the very best in foul-release coatings, then this special is for you,” said Chris Baird, CEO, Propspeed. “Whether you want to book a training session or demo with one of our professional sales representatives or simply try out one of our latest products, Foulfree or Lightspeed, Propspeed is here to help. The protection that our product line offers boaters will keep them coming back to you year after year.”

To find out more about the sample program or to register for a training session, visit the Propspeed Business Resource Center at

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About Propspeed
Propspeed develops high-performance products that make marine craft more efficient and economical to run and maintain, with an eye toward doing the least harm to humans and the marine environment. Propspeed manufactures and distributes Propspeed, recognized globally as the leading product for preventing marine growth on underwater metals. Biofouling – the accumulation of marine life on ships’ hulls – increases drag and costs the global shipping industry an estimated $7.5 billion a year in wasted fuel. Based in New Zealand, where sailing excellence is culturally ingrained, Propspeed has become a worldwide phenomenon throughout the marine industry.