Auckland, New Zealand – Propspeed, leading innovator of underwater foul-release coatings, announced today that, with the help of distribution partner Ocean Call, it has partnered with Quick Spa, international leader in the production of nautical accessories, to recommend Propspeed’s award-winning product line of foul-release coatings to its customers and dealers around the world. 

“Our dedicated team has been working diligently to partner with exceptional companies that share our passion and vision to bring award-winning products that offer a better boating experience to customers around the world,” said Chris Baird, CEO, Propspeed. “Quick is well-known in the industry for its innovative and reliable product lines, particularly its line of thrusters. Propspeed is the perfect product for these thrusters, ensuring they stay free from marine life growth and corrosion, and operate smoothly when needed.”

Quick Spa offers full ranges of various product lines including well-known gyroscopic stabilizers, marine lighting, windlasses, anchoring systems, accessories, battery chargers, thrusters, docking systems and water heaters. Headquartered in Ravenna, Italy, and with two foreign branches (Quick USA in Baltimore, Maryland, and Quick UK in Southampton, United Kingdom) the Quick branded portfolio operates out of a 538,196 square foot facility that supports sales, marketing, research and development, purchasing, logistics, manufacturing and fulfillment.

“We have received a great deal of positive feedback from our customers that have used Propspeed to protect their underwater assets,” said Michele Marzucco, President and CEO, Quick Spa. “We have seen the advantages of using Propspeed on our thrusters as part of the installation. If you have invested in a quality thruster you should protect it with an efficient foul-release coating such as Propspeed.”

Propspeed’s ultra-slick topcoat is specially formulated to prevent marine growth from bonding to metal surfaces below the waterline. It is proven to increase boat efficiency, reduce drag, save on fuel and maintenance costs, and protect from corrosion. It features an exceptionally strong chemical and mechanical bond between the metal substrate, the Etching Primer and the Clear Coat – ensuring that the Propspeed coating actually sticks to running gear, and any other underwater metals, and performs season after season. Propspeed products include Propspeed for running gear and underwater metals, Foulfree for transducers and Lightspeed for underwater lighting.

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About Propspeed
Propspeed develops high-performance products that make marine craft more efficient and economical to run and maintain, with an eye toward doing the least harm to humans and the marine environment. Propspeed manufactures and distributes Propspeed, recognized globally as the leading product for preventing marine growth on underwater metals. Biofouling – the accumulation of marine life on ships’ hulls – increases drag and costs the global shipping industry an estimated $7.5 billion a year in wasted fuel. Based in New Zealand, where sailing excellence is culturally ingrained, Propspeed has become a worldwide phenomenon throughout the marine industry.

About Quick Spa
Player in the nautical market since 1983 and established in 1992, Quick Spa has always been specialized in the production of nautical equipment: all the products are designed, engineered and produced in the Italian Headquarter located in Ravenna. Quick Spa offers a full range of products: the well-known range of MC2 Quick Gyro gyroscopic stabilizers, integrated systems, technical and decorative marine lighting range, windlasses range and anchoring systems, battery chargers, thrusters range and docking systems, and water heaters. Quick Spa landed in the United States in 2006 with the establishment of Quick USA, which carries on commercial and technical assistance activities for the USA. Quick Spa is also present in the UK with Quick Nautical Equipment Ltd, founded in 2018.